Where are they now?

Sadly, in August, Asha’s mom died suddenly of lung cancer. Asha and her older sister, who had a baby in July, are still trying to finish school and take their high school equivalency exams. They are staying with family. Asha is still dating her new boyfriend.

Bambi and Reese broke up, got back together, broke up, and got back together before ending their relationship for good in July. In August, Bambi started dating a new boy. She still hasn’t applied for community college, but she says she is very happy and in love.

Kelly and Dylan broke up during the summer. They decided they needed their space but are still friends and are even participating in the school play together. Kelly is enjoying hanging out with her friends and being single.

Liliana has put school on hold to work full-time to support her family. She and Fernando don’t speak. Her friends say she is dating, but she has not spoken to us for the past couple of months.

Valerie is a senior in high school and continues to participate in several school activities like debate and key club. She is still dating Ayoosh, who is a first-year college student.

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