The Station

Public Broadcasting for North Texas

KERA 13 and KERA 90.1 are the public radio and television stations for North Texas, touching the lives of nearly 2.5 million people every week via television, radio and the Internet. KERA 13 consistently ranks as one of the most-watched public television stations in the country.

As a not-for-profit organization, we’re not limited by commercial mandates. Serving our local communities with thought-provoking, award-winning television and radio programs that offer insights and serve as an outlet for a diversity of voices is our top priority. We produce over 1,000 hours of original local radio programming each year and high-definition television content including weekly programs.

Community Relations and Outreach

One of the key parts of our mission is to touch the lives of people throughout the communities we serve. At KERA, we realize that a big part of our work happens off the air. This includes extensive work with schools and teaching organizations throughout North Texas, through master teacher training, telecourses and Web content.

We work with targeted communities and groups to provide our viewers and listeners resources and information often related to the programming we air. KERA also acts as a media partner with community leaders and a diverse group of institutions and organizations to address pertinent issues.

Mission Statement

The mission of KERA is to serve the citizens of North Texas by excelling in production, presentation and distribution of public television and radio programming, and other multimedia resources and activities that educate, inspire, enrich, inform and entertain.


KERA was founded by local leaders in 1957 based on core public service and education principles much like those subsequently reflected in the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 that founded a national public broadcasting service:

Public broadcasting is fundamentally a local institution, rooted in the social, educational and cultural fabric of hundreds of communities across the country.

The programs and services of public broadcasting must be available to all Americans, regardless of their location or ability to pay.

Lifelong education is the founding goal of public broadcasting and must be preserved.

The noncommercial character of public broadcasting, as well as its editorial integrity and independence, are critical to its public service mission.

Watch Boyfriends

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Connect With Us is a comprehensive source for teens and their parents, teachers and friends. The site contains tips, advice from experts, and informative articles on healthy relationships and a healthy you.

“Boyfriends should be required viewing in every high school in America. The stories--told by young people themselves--are educational, sobering, and pack a powerful punch.”

– Bill Albert, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

“Producer Sujata Dand approaches her participants with artful openness and without judgment--each has her story to tell; each has learned lessons from which we can all benefit.”

– Dr. Susan Sugerman, MD, MPH, Girls to Women Health and Wellness.

The project is funded in part by the Harold Simmons Foundation and other generous donors from our community.